Puglian Ironies

My brother collects tools (and cars) as a matter of course. In the past few weeks I have been longing for access to his stash. I came to Italy to help someone I had never met before to restore a farmhouse that has been abandoned for forty years. In return for my help, he has provided me with food and lodging. The irony is that ah had to come all de way to Italy to do wha me brudda does do on a weekly. I have actually really been enjoying it, but my back is crying out today from attempting to dig a trench with a shovel that is the length of my calf, a “hoe” that looks like it was made as a toy and earth that hasn’t had rain for five months. I have since found out that “the boss” owns a file so perhaps these imperfect tools can be sharpened to make the job marginally more possible but it’s unlikely it will help much. I am loving being in Italy, and enjoying most of what I am coming across here but my West Indian side has certainly been suppressed since my arrival. This isn’t a problem but it’s just interesting because, sometimes, the best way to express myself is in Kittitian. Main gon lie, de tools dem da parna got us usin is ol’time ting man. What pon ghetto. I was at least able to have a little giggle with my brother about the state of the equipment. An sometimes, lawd de parna does be para. Lawd please to use a lil sense when you setting up tings nuh man. Puttin a ladder atop a mash up chair atop a pallet and expectin it gun be ok is pure moo moo. Although there’s no irony here, it’s reassuring to know that sometimes, women really are more sensible.

Another job that I was given was working on restoring the pizza oven. I was also then given the chance to learn to make pasta. It seems that even when I am running away from the kitchen, it calls to me. But at least now I can have fresh pasta and recall fond memories of learning how to make it so I don’t mind this too much at all!

The other irony to be found is that I have been going to the beach on an almost daily basis. It would be daily if it weren’t for the fact that the weather is starting to turn. I definitely do not go to the beach at home daily. Weekly may even be a stretch. Luckily I’ve been reminded that the sea is a miraculous thing. Of course, the sun here isn’t as brutal and there is zero humidity so spending long stretches of time at the beach is not as difficult.

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