The downside to being introspective (1).

My “go-to” whilst baking is to listen to BBC Radio 4. I did the same when I was in university and even before I enjoyed gardening, I was always excited when “Gardener’s Question Time” came on. There’s something rather comforting in listening to people talk about their problems with oak trees. I’m rather partial to the “Kitchen Cabinet” too but that’s less surprising. Lately I’ve been indulging in a rather dreadful Netflix series but it’s all in Spanish so at least I can console myself with the idea that it’s helpful. Having had far too much of the terrible series and feeling as though I should listen to something a bit more meaningful I decided to listen to TED Talks.

It was a good idea in theory but they were playing one after the other and because I was up to my elbows in flour I didn’t want to change it to something a bit less intense (like the aforementioned “Gardener’s Question Time”). TED Talks are fantastic, but I think now know only in moderation… The result after listening to so many of them is that you come away feeling both positive at how insightful these people are but also a bit overwhelmed at needing, and wanting, to remember 1. the four pillars of success, 2. how to be a bad ass, 3. the five things to do to get to the top etc. etc. etc. All of them have different formulas but after each one you think “that’s so true, I can incorporate that into my life!” but then after fifteen TED Talks, that’s a REALLY long list and the end result is I was longing the dreadful Netflix series!

There’s only so much self-improvement you can manage in a day/week/month/year. Thinking about it too much is probably not a good thing. Thank god for dreadful telly and my Kindle. I’d like to say social activities are probably the most helpful but I seem to find myself in hibernation mode. Perhaps I can improve on that….


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